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I am Ghost

                                                        I am ghost
plucking flesh back from your tears
                            that run to the fathoms
that I despair with touching
that I dispute their flowing
                                                        I am ghost
putting flesh to my bones
trees drawing out my realness
my ethereal died as I left the town
where I was practicing…

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Wet and Windy

It has been very wet and windy over here. Cold and unsettled brrrr.

The wildlife is thinning out, gathering the last of the stores. Or just enough to keep going.

Colours are on the change too.

As their season changes mine may well be beginning, spent a lot of time filling out forms for University last night. Didn’t sleep well at all, not one course but two.

Applying to do a degree in…

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Linksys RE6500 Universal Dual Band AC1200

Linksys RE6500 Universal Dual Band AC1200

linksys RE6500
Compact with a wifi area punch 5 stars

When the extender I arrived I was quite struck about how small it was, but I needn’t have worried it carries itself well providing enough punch to cover the upstairs. It also as an extender uses the same name as the routers wi-fi. I have been using a router as an extender and ended up having a long list of names in the connect dialogue. The set up was…

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This is on of those Flotsam shots that make you wonder.

How long has it been out there?, is it from the UK or further?


Other things to see are in this  gallery of sea defenses and other objects.

Flotsam and Sea Defenses This is on of those Flotsam shots that make you wonder. How long has it been out there?, is it from the UK or further?

I woke

I woke up yesterday
in a dream of tomorrow
my eye surrounded in tightness
moisture sodden an obscured
It was tantalising this almost vision, perception like a roll call
of comic names in a television sketch
my heart pumped and my back ached, to wake to move
thoughts of time and space being one and at once
but caught in the now, not able to work out
what is back what is forth where is now


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Old Fridge Door

I would bring cup to your face,
With my hands clasp
To pin you with pause
With kisses not undue, nor unexpected
Bring please to your lips with harmony,
And celebrate our hearts chorus,
Of love notes
Passed to one another,
On the old fridge door

That old fridge would become
A thing of passion
That would infuse our joining
And when the door is opened
Loves light will come on
To light up the notes

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Sea birds


When I go to the seaside, I always try to take a few shots of the local birds.


In one way the weather was horrid, but the birds were literally hanging around


The downside grey sky and white grey birds, it loses a little of the contrast I would like between subject and background. But I would rather have some shot than no shot :D


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Mosquito Larvae


From the macro to almost micro world of photography. I noticed these which we think are Mosquito Larvae.

The shot is quite crop but these things are tiny,I didn’t even see they had breathing tubes until I started processing the images.

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Todays Poem

Well today’s poem is somewhere else today and is the subject of romance


That the shore in no longer lonely
‘so lift me as a wave, or let me
bleed as a cloud’

‘face the thorns of life
together, pricking neither thumb
nor forefinger’

Let us carry it as one

If you want to read the whole thing it is here. On typewriters, of romance

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Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound 3.5g Tube

I bought this to replace my Akasa 455 thermal paste that I previously used, I am glad that I did.

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