The asylum (a smile not right)

The asylum (a smile not right)

They steal memories there
as the silver aluminium cart
brings the theft of people
categories of chemical
Jade and turquoise
pills in white plastic cups
they call this a dose
a dose of you

We  have to remember that
these people are a danger to
themselves and to others
and this kind of theft is
tolerable and even honoured
A  silver scratched cart with rubber
shod wheels, comes to death you up
a dose…

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Rustons Photo Party

Honey Bee

I caught this lovely Honey Bee bathing in the sun. Ragwort attract lots of Bee’s and Hoverflies, at this point it was quite docile. I nipped out hoping to catch something warming up ready to start their day and I wasn’t disappointed.

So welcome to another Sunday post party, feel free to join in.

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The Black Orchid

A black Orchid confined,
to its bed, held in artificial
bloom, on life support.
With its epitaph ordered,
a wooden box carved and crafted.
Now enclosed with garrisoned guilt carried eternal.
It will be embalmed, protected,
delivered to the ground.
It drinks no more, then it passes forth
forever to taste soil.
Confined to dirt most weary
as it is reintroduced to its creator
in the final echoes, of…

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I’m cold tonight
and the shadow of you
just won’t do
I’m cold tonight
And the darkness dances to the truth of you
as alpine mist, an the mountain sighed
as dew drops, caress the grass
I’m alone tonight

As funnelled fast in that last grasp
has left my marrow
in wanted clasp and misery
Oh what’s left to but borrow
but I’m so cold tonight
and did you ever think that what I drink
on sorrow born, was…

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it is the story
of Mary Shelley
a modern Prometheus
a fire that was promised

a Human reincarnated
INTO the flesh
of the many

but you are decieved
it is the lie
that the flash
of life, was from electricty

No the story is the
fracture of the mind
the madness of the simple truth
humainity, is but forever

flawed and untameable
but maybe a death
can cure a mind

more than humainty

to date this occurs

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Courting on a goodly night

Courting on a goodly night

In the darkened fitful dreary night
I’ll read Shelly, into the bright.
Feelings that are a wont to often wither
When faced so with this dismal weather.

Often a hope seems fading all to fast
A learned release which I often clasp.
Always to look for many a lifting writing
And these words merry I find so exciting.

Lift me up past hill, vale and glade
Let not these poets muses sickly fade.

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The easy breezy winds do blow
along with them I will go
down along twisting roads,
letting go all my loads

My stem will bend in harmony
skipping, dancing O’ merry me
and what adventure will I behold
down the streets and fields strolled

On a most cheer felt afternoon
a warm sun, would be a boon
the birds home now to roost
singing for the mood to boost

Even the flowers talk of cheer
every time,…

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The man merely muttered

The man merely muttered

Silk on sapphire
green on gold

The man mutters in his computer chair
He’s un-wrapping butterflies
and taking pictures of the wind
Peace Love uncompromised

Chat show hosts
don’t blink in the adversity of events
projected thus from the almighty tube
distorted melody will cry in that shadow

Hate and angst skip hand in hand
unbroken lovers these
forever learning new depravity

The man still a…

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Ode to the Computer - Neal Emanuelson

Ode to the Computer – Neal Emanuelson

Oh, sweet algorithmic angel of inevitable deterioration

You sweep asunder the cries of obsolete and harbored pain

Unknown is the malicious content of your daily scans

Slowing my progress, shutting down my creations and hopes

The inimical nature of your diseased world of binary conduct

Wears thin my protocols against the sins you perceive as necessary

You dictate my access as you limit my…

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Colourful meadow
with the flowers in full bloom
farmer has rest it

Inspired by prompt at Carpe Diem Haiku Family


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