Spanish Bluebell (HDR)


Spanish Bluebell (HDR) art

I can say I haven’t made one of these for ages, so it was a teach myself session all over again.


I think considering that, it came out alright with the added texture layer.

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Lost as a moment lives

Lost as a moment lives

                I stare out
at the imperfection
     of perfect nature
     between pain and pane
     the golden tree, held in the hour
                where morning is almost
                                           a worship
                   to the infinite diversity
                  of all my thoughts

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Found a few bugs out and about, enjoying the sun and that alien looking great diving beetle larvae. We were quite tempted to borrow a little water from the community pound.
In which to put into our pond now we have leveled it up :) But If we acidently caught any newt related young, I guess we may have been in hot water, but then I don’t think there are any protected breeds in there. But better to be safe than sorry right.

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Shine the Divine

Spring Macro Monday Found a few bugs out and about, enjoying the sun and that alien looking great diving beetle larvae.

A social call

A thought lurks in my head
like a stubborn fifty pence piece
That refuses to be released
from the moneybox
sometimes in life
Only a moment with a hammer
or a wall will do
sometimes I wish I weighed
more than eleven stone
three pounds two ounces
so I can break
your illusion that everything’s alright
It not all right – my phones only got
twenty percent in its battery cells
I’m at work with no charger

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Eggs and Bacon Breakfast

Eggs and Bacon Breakfast

Eggs and Bacon

I thought I would do something completely different for a change.

I thought I would treat Suzy to breakfast yesterday and this is what I came up with.

Eggs and Bacon

I have been trying out all sorts of things and never use a recipe, so maybe next time I will post my pork and bacon special :)
in case you were wondering it was delicious.

What you need is 4 eggs, break them into a poacher pan and then season with…

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Shared Sumer of an Old poet

Shared Sumer of an Old poet


An old poet sat at the end of the Pier
feet dangling over the aged wood
with the night drawing to,
clad with redden clouds an rains a due

A notepad is being scribbled worn
from an antique fountain pen the ink a purpled hue, an letter formed
as art itself like an incantation

He draws out from a pocket
a battered silver flask, from which
he puts to his lips and drink consumes
the liquid of his…

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Somedays I just don’t feel happy

Somedays I just don’t feel happy

Horse 2

Well on a relaxing walk down our country lane disaster(near) happend. I droped my 200mm canon L lens, happened before only this time it wont focus under 2m, so the walk turned less relaxing after that.

I have had a look but cannot unscrew it – darn, oh well will have to see how it goes as I still have a very nice macro lens for close work.

At lest the horse was looking relaxed :D

Horse 1

Horse 2

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I am often, wont to open plod
where gleaming dews do clasp
on the top of the greenest grass
with thinking tilled, an even shod

Here on this glory’d morn
in the county, I was reborn
I’d gather my energy spawn’d
till a thought is newly fawn’d

Walking on this cushioned earth
full of cheer and laden’d mirth
pick a path, through woods to plough
and utmost, no sadness would I allow

Letting the spring…

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Blank Screen

I sit here watching my computer screen.
I think of dreams and other night time things
And I wonder if Saints walked though my mind.
Would the holy run down my spine.

The screen continues in its blankness
I muse over the engineer, who put together,
All the cooper tracks, like some over zealous jigsaw,
Could he understand why I keep it off.

If the divine sat down at my chair,
What would they look…

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Tonight the moon came not to stop
in my nightly vision slot
but the stars gleamed so well
and in the evening do dwell

With the courtesy of my greeting
chairs convened to this meeting
and in the air, not too brisk
I blew a friendly upward kiss

In my head, I pondered words
that could have flown with the birds
but all are perched and safe
leaving me, here to pace

Then my turn it is to retire

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